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Message  wumpus le 15/9/2009, 11:14


Effective 20 September 2009

*No additions to the Banned List*

*Riftsweeper is Unbanned*

*The Command Zone is adopted*

*The Open Play Rule for Generals is adopted*

*The “Partial Paris” mulligan is adopted*

Although there has been a great deal of debate on cards that some see as
problematic (such as Staff of Domination, Eternal Witness, Time
Stretch, and Mindslaver), the Rules Committee was not sufficiently
convinced that any of these cards currently pose a significant threat
to the health of the format. We will continue to keep our eyes peeled.

The Command Zone, created specifically for Planechase cards, is an
excellent fit for Generals. Many players actually believed up to this
point that there was a separate General Zone, so we feel that this move
is consistent with both the direction of Magic and the way players
intuitively see the game. The rules will be updated as follows:

8. The General begins the game in the Command Zone

While a General is in the Command Zone, it may be played. As an
additional cost to play your General this way, you must pay {2} for
each previous time you have played it this way.

12. If a
General would be put into a Graveyard or Exile from anywhere, its owner
may put it in the Command Zone instead. This is a replacement effect.
The creature never goes to the graveyard and will not trigger such
abilities. Note: The General may still go to a player's hand or
library. This will not be replaced by rule 12.

Riftsweeper is unbanned due to it no longer interacting with Generals.

Having two different rules for playing Generals has become very confusing to
many players. We’ve chosen to adopt the Open Play rule as the official,
and move the League Play rule to the Optional Rules section. The
ever-growing popularity of EDH means that there are simply too few
Generals available for everyone. We still support local groups playing
with the League Play Rule. Note that while some groups play with the
rule that the General is “Superlegendary” (meaning immune to the Legend
Rule), this is not the official position of the Rules Committee.
Generals are still subject to the normal Legend rule. We feel as though
the ability to simply replay your General more than balances out the
ability of another player to at least temporarily get rid of it via
Clone and friends.

As far as the mulligan rule goes, we want
players to be able to play the game (and lessen the chance of mana
screw) without enabling degenerate combos. To that end, we’ve chosen to
adopt the “Partial Paris” (sometimes called the “Brittany”) mulligan.
In the Partial Paris mulligan, you may set aside any number of cards
from your initial seven and then draw that many minus one. Like the
normal Magic mulligan, you may repeat this process, drawing one fewer
card each time. Once you have a hand you’re happy with, you shuffle
back in the set-aside cards. We feel as though this will give players
the maximum opportunity to start with a playable opening hand.

The Rules Committee is dedicated to keeping the format vibrant, alive, and
responsive to the needs of its player base. In the coming months, in
addition to the normal discussion regarding banning/unbanning of
individual cards, will be considering other conceptual areas for the
format, such as 1v1 play, the involvement of Planechase, and more.

On behalf of the RC,

Un traduc rapide en FR serait sympa Very Happy


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Update règle EDH Empty Re: Update règle EDH

Message  Myl le 15/9/2009, 16:39

plutôt que d'être retiré de la partie, le général dispose now d une zone bien a lui : la command zone. cette dernière a été crée à l'occasion de planechase (je ne sais pas à quoi elle sert dans planechase).
Quand un général devrait être mis dans un cimetière ou retiré de la partie, il peut en effet de remplacement être mis dans la command zone.
Il démarre ainsi en command zone, et peut être lancé normalement pour son cout + 2 incolores multiplié par le nombre de fois que l'on a déjà utilisé cette façon de le mettre sur le champs de bataille.
S'il est joué depuis votre main, rien ne change. Le général peut être normalement mis en main ou dans le deck.
En résumé, pas de changement sur le fond, seulement dans les appellations.

Au niveau des ban, Riftsweeper est donc unban puisqu'il n'interagit plus avec le général. Il retrouve sa fonction de dégageur de cartes suspendues.
Le reste des ban concerne certainement le multiplayer uniquement (on y parle de mindslaver...), on note quand même leurs doutes sur le ban de staff of domination, eternal witness...

On relègue officiellement au rang de règle optionnelle le mode "league", qui à l'origine ne permettait pas 2 généraux identiques dans la même contrée. pas assez de légendes différentes par rapport au nombre croissant de joueurs d'EDH (devrions nous rajouter "jouables" à légendes).

Le mulligan Paris-Normandie est adopté de façon officielle.

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Update règle EDH Empty Re: Update règle EDH

Message  Alex le 15/9/2009, 19:31

Myl a écrit:Le mulligan Paris-Normandie est adopté de façon officielle.

Et prend le nom de "mulligan partial paris", parce que bon, la Normandie, à part les vaches, y'a pas grand chose...

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Update règle EDH Empty Re: Update règle EDH

Message  1800dci le 19/9/2009, 17:33

cool ces regles, riftsweeper je le jouait deja ainsi Smile

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Update règle EDH Empty Re: Update règle EDH

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