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Message  1800dci le 29/1/2009, 15:23

As the calendar changes to 2009 it appears that the winds of change have blown the meta into well a path of uncertainty. Realm Qualifier results are quite revealing with innovative decklists popping up that are quite unsuspected. Although it is too early to say what are the top decks in the format at this moment there are some early results that indicate what may be the favorites. These are some of the decks that have the potential to define the metagame.

Myriam X

Kurzon the False

  • 4x Antikron the Unyilding
  • 4x Korthas Greybeard
  • 4x Bernard, Zealot of the Light
  • 1x Apprentice Merry
  • 4x Instructor Giralo
  • 3x Loraala
  • 4x Tinker Bixy Blue
  • 4x Myriam Starcaller
  • 3x Marnie Moonlight
  • 3x Barous the Storm Baron
  • 3x Weldon Barov
  • 2x Sentry Gwynn
  • 2x Scrapper Ironbane
  • 2x Razak Ironsides

  • 3x Personal Weather Maker

  • 4x The Defias Brotherhood
  • 3x You are Rakh’likh Demon
  • 3x What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets
  • 2x Chasing A-Me 01
  • 2x The Missing Diplomat
  • 1x Minion’s of the Shadow Council

Side Deck:

  • 3x Woodsie Leafsong
  • 3x Talian Bladebender
  • 2x Narthadus
  • 2x Vanquish

Were you laughing when you saw this deck posted on UDE. The DefiasBrotherhood rode this decklist to a Top 8 performance at a realm qualifier and this deck has since spawned several other top 8 performances around the country. The theme of this deck uses the myriam starcaller strategy which as a player in this meta you will need to understand fully whenever a blue opponent sits opposite of you. Essentially your opponent is not going to be sending his or her little blue men into attack before turn 5. Instead a wall is built around the opponents key allies: myriam, tinker, loraala, and Barous. Now turns 1-4 are spent basically to setup and control the board. This deck is interesting as the quest count is quite high and the ally curve is great. This deck doesn’t need abilities or equipment as the flip alone can make an opponents strategy useless. Weldon Barov and Kurzon’s flip is quite good so I hear.
Bryan Lyon’s Ressa

  • 4 Apprentice Merry
  • 4 Cymbre Shadowdrifter
  • 4 Jeleane Nightbreeze
  • 4 Myriam Starcaller
  • 2 Talian Bladebender
  • 3 Weldon Barov


  • 4 Black Amnesty
  • 4 Retainer’s Blade
  • 3 Vengeful Gladiator’s Bonecracker


  • 3 Gut Shot
  • 4 Jackknife
  • 4 Pickpocket
  • 4 Purloin


  • 4 Corki’s Ransom
  • 3 Orders from Lady Vashj
  • 2 Outland Sucks!
  • 4 The Defias Brotherhood


  • 3 Demolish
  • 3 Detect Traps
  • 3 Sacrificial Poison
  • 1 Talian Bladebender

Ressa Traitor Rogue is a deck that has been gaining a lot of attention as of late. Top players aligning themselves to the traitor rogue not only for the myriam build but the versatility the deck has and the constant damage output. The interesting point in this deck was that besides your Myriam strategy you have the added elements of daggers and the bonecracker. I’m not really sure if enough people understand how good bonecracker is but I think as season 3 continues this card isn’t going to be a stranger on lists. This deck also adds the disruption elements of Pickpocket and Purloin which can render non Myriam decks first few turns impotent.
A point to be made here is that the Myriam strategy with X class cards equals a deck these days. Yes some classes Rogues, Druids, Warriors, and etc. are the favorite classes but really these decks play the same with some focusing on different areas of emphasis: either targets to inspire, control, or draw.
Cat Durid is for fite!!!!!!

Now it is time to shine some light on the rush side of the spectrum. The following is a decklist taken from a Unity events realm qualifier in the past two weeks. Desecrator is gaining steam over Kilzin as the Horde rush deck of choice. Part of this has to do with the printing of Hibernate in DoW. Its by far one of my favorite cards in the game and I could have only wished to have had this card in my Boomkin deck in New Jersey. Previous to Hibernate Desecrator had no permanent answer to pesky allies such as Niyore or annoying protectors besides burn. Hibernate solves these problems.
Varin Nimityongskul
Desecrator Stormclaw

  • 4 Marksman Glous
  • 4 Wysko
  • 4 Bloodsoul
  • 4 Offender Gora
  • 2 Brok Bloodcaller
  • 2 Vexmaster Nar’jo
  • 1 Johnny Rotten
  • 4 Rak Skyfury


  • 4 Form of the Serpent
  • 4 The Natural Order
  • 2 Wrath
  • 1 Hibernate
  • 4 Cyclone
  • 2 Stormfire


  • 4 Twig of the World Tree


  • 4 One Draenei’s Junk
  • 4 Dr. Boom
  • 3 Finkle Einhorn, at Your Service
  • 3 Orders From Lady Vashj


  • 2 Invigorating Touch
  • 3 Hibernate
  • 2 Tatulla the Reclaimer
  • 3 Johnny Rotten

Anthony C’s Druid
For those that like master heroes. Anthony C has designed a deck that has taken down two realm q’s that uses the druid class with Illidan. Below is the deck from the realm champs but Anthony has already admitted that the deck has been changed since then.
Hero: Desecrator Stormclaw
Master Hero

  • 2 Illidan Stormrage


  • 4 Vexmaster Nar’jo
  • 3 Blood Knight Kyria
  • 4 Doshura Risestrider
  • 3 Munkin Blackfist
  • 1 Exarch Onaala
  • 1 The Abominable Greench
  • 4 Darbun Steppeheart


  • 4 Cyclone
  • 4 Barkskin
  • 4 The Natural Order
  • 4 Hibernate
  • 4 Form of the Serpent
  • 4 Rebirth


  • 2 The Darkmoon Faire


  • 4 Meeting with the Master
  • 4 Information Gathering
  • 4 Outland Sucks!

Side Deck

  • 1 Lady Vashj
  • 1 Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider
  • 1 Munkin Blackfist
  • 3 Brok Bloodcaller
  • 1 Alexi Barov
  • 2 Gift of the Wild
  • 1 Priestess of Dementia

This deck is built to control the board and survive to turn 9. What makes this deck different than other Illidan decks is its ability to win on turn 9 and not turn 11. This is quite unique as the maindeck barkskins also ensure that the turn 9 play will not be interrupted.

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