Lord Benjamin Tremedouson (pour mick) :)

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Lord Benjamin Tremedouson (pour mick) :)

Message  1800dci le 9/6/2010, 23:56

Hero: Lord Benjamin Tremedouson

Master Hero

2 Kel’Thuzad


4 Death Wish
4 Puncture
3 Reconstruct
3 Keys to the Armory
2 Bloody Ritual
4 Pummel


1 Betrayer of Humanity
1 Twinblade of the Phoenix
2 Fleshwerk Throwing Glaive
1 Jin’rohk, the Great Apocalypse
1 Shuriken of Negation
1 Amani Mask of Death
2 Bonefist Gauntlets
3 Greaves of Ancient Evil
4 Guardian’s Plate Bracers
4 Vindicator’s Brand
2 Girdle of Razuvious
1 Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
2 Perdition’s Blade


4 Concerted Efforts
3 Darkness Calling
4 A Question of Gluttony
4 Tanks for Everything, Dalaran

ok....To be quite frank, I think this deck needs a bunch of tweaks, and not to take away from its Pilot's performance with it, but I think we can attribute the success
of Mr. Teng with the deck to play skill and decent matchups. Lets talk about it anyway, and possible additions after.
Solo decks have been taking down tournament wins since US Nats 07. They have a long and rich history of being powerhouses and very hard to deal with. The deck packs
a ton of armor to protect your hero against an incoming onslaught, and weapons galore to punish squishy mages that get in your way. All-in-all its a very solid
archetype. And with the addition of 2x Kel's, it gains that end game it so desperately craved. There are a few cool inclusions in the deck I'd like to talk about.
The first is definitely The cloak of the shadowed sun. It gives all opposing allies -1 health...which is ridiculous. Its not only good against allies like gora and
broderic, but its a powerhouse against cards like weldon barov. Something people may not realize is how effective this card is against less obvious allies such as
feral spirit tokens or myriam. Your main weapon in this deck(or at least the weapon you'll probably have out most often) is vindicators brand Which has 3 attack, and
since you can't keys for a deathwish, lets assume you haven't drawn one, or at least that your opponent was able to kill it somehow(although what ive said also works

for deathwish alone). What good is it to attack a myriam with a vindicators brand? Or worse yet, attacking a feral spirit token? With this cloak they die, and since

its an equipment, you can not only search it out with keys(unlike the shouts) but it cant be countered or destroyed as easily, has an armor, AND only takes up a back

slot. I know I mentioned it before, but Kel is a very interesting inclusion in the deck as well. It gives it that little extra endgame it was almost lacking before
(without the infinite combo), and allows you to hammer that final nail into your opponents coffin.
OK...lets see what changes I would make here...
+1 keys
-2 pummel
-1 betrayer
+1 silent crusader
+1 Bloody ritual
-4 concerted efforts
-3 darkness calling
+4 wanton warlord
+3 seeds of the lashers
-1 bonefist gauntlets
+1 something cool

Those would be my changes. Ok now onto how to play with/against the deck.

Things to remember about playing it:
1. Remember what you're playing against. In this deck, the mulligan is your best friend.
2. Know your keys targets for every matchup.
3. You need to keep pressure on a control matchup, even in the early game life totals actually matter(not so much yours).
4. Keeping cards in your hand is the most important thing against rush matchups. yes you need armor on the table, but no matter your board position, it can flip in a
heartbeat if you cant back it up with powerful draw. Dont think you have to row every turn to get to Kel. As good as he is, he is rather unimportant in most
matchups, keep good cards in your hand, not in your row.

Things to remember about playing against it:
1. If you can cut the decks draw, you're going to win.
2. Deathwish is insane, get rid of it asap.
3. If you are rush, remember the flip.
4. If your name is Ben Isgar, remember to counter the girdle of Razuvious...

Now, I'm sure you have all seen the metagame breakdown by now and have seen that warlock is the most popular class at the NACC's. Im sure you can all imagine the
creepy grin on my face that appeared when I saw that... That being said, im going to cover 2 warlock builds, the first being the horde traitor lock that was so
popular this weekend, and the second being the deck that I would have played had I gone.

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